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Bulletin 3-3-2024




*The FA family welcomes our guests. We are excited that you are here.

*Last Sunday’s attendance was 165. Invite someone this Sunday. It could very well change their life forever.

*Wednesday Night Family Ministry this week, evening meal served at 5:30 followed by ministry for the whole family beginning at 6:30.

*Attention: Children are a vital part of the ministry here at First Assembly. See Pastor Mark Smith or Micah Kreil to get involved.

*Attention: Find a small group that fits you. Join us for coffee, juice and doughnuts in the FACS Center beginning at 8:45am. Classes start at 9am, see Earl Wood for more information.

*Announcing: FACS Softball begins next week, for more information checkout our website at or call the school office. 

*Ladies and men’s Bible Study at the Strother’s, Monday night at 6pm.

*Men’s “Chew the Fat” Luncheon is Friday, 11:30 @ Monte Alban on the square.

*Announcing: Peru 2024 – July 5th-12th, estimated cost $3,000.00. See Jim Jordan for more information.

*Announcing: February, Missions Spotlight is on Kellie Norris, Missionary to Costa Rica. Please continue to pray for her and all of our missionaries.

*Announcing: Team Board Meeting, Tuesday, March 5th at 6pm.

*Announcing: Sunday Night Seek, March 10th at 6pm.


2024 Ministry Theme: “Look Up”

Luke 21:28 “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”



Powerful Words from Evangelist, Johnny Jernigan


Dear Soul Winner,


A few weeks ago, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in epic fashion…in overtime! It was an exciting game. Three days later, at the celebration parade for the team in the streets of Kansas City, violence erupted in gunfire. 25 people injured, one dead, and a city devastated by such a senseless act of gang violence. Mass shootings have become so common, that it hardly even moves the social needle at all anymore. Apathy has saturated our culture, and apathy has deeply saturated the church. Every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, 83 souls around the world DIE WITHOUT FAITH IN JESUS. 83 just died as you are reading. Now 83 more as you continue to read. Think of this. 83 sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and….strangers. All dead. Even as you started reading this email, approximately 1,660 people have died and stepped into eternity so far. Eternity in Heaven, or an eternity in hell. 83..83..83..83..83……  What will you do about this? This is where you come in dear soul winner. 

—Stop and pray right now. Pray that God will help you to tell at least one person your story of salvation between now and Sunday.  —Invite at least one person to go to church with you this Sunday.

—Pray for your Pastors to be used by God to draw souls to the altar of decision and salvation this Sunday. 83..83..83..83…  Souls are at stake. Eternity is at stake. Satan comes to steal, TO KILL, and to destroy.  We see the effects of a lawless society. Gender confusion by the lies of the devil to a world in need, same sex marriages that will never be able to give a child all it needs in home without one of either the mother, or the father, Trans hysteria in the media and a political uncertainty around the world. You hold the answer. It is a relationship with Jesus, in His word, and in prayer and worship of a resurrected Savior. He is alive. The question is…are you alive in Jesus? If you are, 83 just died, 83 more, 83 more…

Since you started reading this, almost 25,000 people around the world just died…without Christ. And stepped into eternal judgement??? We must act now! I am begging you, please tell them…NOW!

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