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2023 Ministry Theme: “TOGETHER WE STAND”

Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one…


Busy Bees


Springtime has sprung, we’ve gained an hour of daylight, trees are budding, flowers are blooming, grass is growing, and baseballs are flying. Springtime, both in the physical and spiritual sense bring much activity. Those things that have been lying dormant are now coming to life. The sap is rising, pollen’s blowing and the temperature is rising. Activity is everywhere as people are hustling from place to place. Schedules are ramping up and so is the stress level. Children 2 and 4 have piano at 4. Child number 3 has practice at 5, while child number 2 has a game at 7. Child number 1 has two tests the next day, while child number 2 has practice at the same time as child number 4. Here we go, and it all starts over day after tomorrow, hence the term, meeting yourself in the road. With all this clean, good and wholesome activity parents must be continually calculating, cooperating and communicating. Just a word of wisdom from someone who has been there, at least close to there, don’t allow Jesus to be nudged out, bumped or canceled from your priority list. It is so important that our children and grandchildren understand that the Lord and His church are not optional, but core crucial. What one generation views optional the next generation won’t recognize at all. The most important responsibility a parent has is the showing their children the path to Heaven.  



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