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Bulletin 10-1-2023


*TheFA family welcomes our guests. We are excited that you are here.

*Last Sunday’s attendance was 208. Invite someone this Sunday. It could very well change their life forever.

*Wednesday Night Family Ministry this week, evening meal served at 5:30 followed by ministry for the whole family beginning at 6:30.

*Attention: Children are a vital part of the ministry here at First Assembly. See Pastor Mark Smith, Micah Kreil or Amy Hill to get involved.

*Attention: Find a small group that fits you. Join us for coffee, juice and doughnuts in the FACS center beginning at 8:45am. Classes start at 9am, see Earl Wood for more information.

*Announcing: September Missions Spotlight is Chris and Karrie Duncan, missionaries to Indonesia. Please continue to pray for them and all of our missionaries.

*Joy Fellowship is Monday night at 6pm in the FACS Center. See Kim Jordan for info.   

*Young Professionals ministry is Thursday night. See Pastor Jared or Micah Kreil for information.

*FACS Volleyball this week: Go to for more information.

*Announcing: Extreme Kids Jr. is happening now. See Pastor Mark Smith or Micah Kreil for more information.

*Announcing: Peru 2024 – July 5th-11th, estimated cost $2,500.00. There will be a brief orientation meeting this am right after the service. See Jim Jordan III for more information.

*Adult Bible Study @ the Strother’s, Monday night at 6pm.

*ATTENTION: Thanksgiving Outreach meeting, Wednesday, October 4th at 5pm.   

*ATTENTION: FACS/FA Harvest Festival is Friday, October 6th. We are asking that each family help us by supplying 2 bags of individually wrapped candy. J



2023 Ministry Theme: “TOGETHER WE STAND”

Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one…





This past week, the Lord reminded me and even retaught me the principle of confirmation. In the OT Mosaic Law, it was required that there be two or three witnesses in order for something to be established, two or the three witnesses for something to be admissible as evidence as a witness to the truth. In kingdom life when God wants to speak to a situation in our lives, maybe something that He wants to include us in on, He will often speak and then confirm it so that we know that what we’ve heard is truly from the Lord. This requires a spirit connected to the Holy Spirit with ears to hear what He is saying. The Lord knows that we don’t always get it the first time. He also knows that there is a need for safeguards to be in place so that His children aren’t deceived and led astray. God confirms His will for our lives by His truth, the word of God, by His Holy Spirit who occupies the temple, and by circumstances of life. He uses people, songs, signs and wonders, and a holy whisper. He even uses your pastor sometimes. But the foundation of all that God is truly saying and where He is truly leading comes back to the word of God. In a day and time of great deception, a time when truth is clouded with confusion, let us be people of truth, always listening, always learning and always loving what God has to say. We’re glad you’re here today




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