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Thanksgiving Feast


Looking to Thursday and the day we set a part to give thanks and be thankful for God bountiful blessings, which is by the way, a principle of and gateway to the blessed life, I had a flashback to many years of feasting in many different locales and with many different people groups. Some of them have since passed on and some remain. One common denominator of all of those blessed memories is that there was a feast to partake of. All of them that I can remember provided more food than one could or should consume in a given day. Those days of Thanksgiving past bring to my remembrance that there was always, without exception, more than enough. This morning looking forward to the official week of Thanksgiving, I am reminded that we serve a God, live for a God, do life with a God who is more than enough. In His presence there is a feast and a table prepared. As I meditated on the soon to take place Marriage Supper of Lamb, one that all believers will enjoy prior to our return with the Lord to the earth, I reflected back to my younger days when we all sat down at the dinner table as a family and ate what mom prepared. We talked, laughed, shared and enjoyed not only really good food but a time of bonding as a family. I thought to myself, how times have changed and not all together for the better. The feast God will share with us one day will not only consist of an out of this world meal experience, it will be an incredible experience with the Lord and with the ones who share His name. Let’s practice that now, and make time to sit down with one another, eat with one another, fellowship with one another and understand that this is a sneak peak of a blessed times to come.


Happy Thanksgiving,

PK and Dena