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Message from the Pastor

2024 Ministry Theme: “Look Up”

Luke 21:28 “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”




Reflecting on Missions Sunday, I rehearsed in my mind the core central truth of the message, “inserting faith into the fact”.  As I did, my imagination went crazy. I thought about how we have to insert a key into a lock for it open. I thought about inserting a debit card in order to make a transaction. I thought about how we have to insert a dish in the oven, air into a balloon, gas into a car, a jolly rancher into our mouth, well, you get the idea. It’s all so simple, so fundamental but at the same time so powerful. As I again recall the words that begin Isaiah 54, “Sing, oh barren woman…” I’m again reminded that my faith has to be intentionally inserted in the facts of my life if I indeed want to see and experience change. The dough undergoes a change once inserted into the oven. It may take a little time but the change is coming. The balloon changes shape once air is inserted into it. Have you had the air knocked out of you lately? Let God breathe on you today. Let Him blow the wind of the Spirit over your life today. Make a personal commitment this morning to insert faith into your facts, and do it every day, several times a day, whenever and wherever the facts show up. Remember, those facts, those adversities when met with continual faith transform into steps that lead you higher and closer to your destiny.






Weekly Events

Bulletin 6-9-2024


*The FA family welcomes our guests. We are excited that you are here.

*Last Sunday’s attendance was 200. Invite someone this Sunday. It could very well change their life forever.

*Wednesday Night Family Ministry this week, evening meal served at 5:30 followed by ministry for the whole family beginning at 6:30.

*Attention: Children are a vital part of the ministry here at First Assembly. See Pastor Mark Smith or Micah Kreil to get involved.

*Attention: Find a small group that fits you. Join us for coffee, juice and doughnuts in the FACS Center beginning at 8:45am. Classes start at 9am, see Earl Wood for more information.

*Announcing: The Month of June Missions Spotlight is on Jeff and Beverly Carroll missionaries to South Africa. Please continue to pray for them and all of our missionaries.

*Sunday Night Seek is this evening beginning at 6pm.

*Team Board Meeting is Tuesday night at 6pm.

*Extreme Kids Camp is Wednesday thru Friday. See Pastor Mark Smith for details.


Announcing: We will be honoring our Fathers next Sunday, ‘Thanks Dad”!”

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